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The Breda Conference


Additional info.:


* please find attached a map with the locations of the City Hall (Municipality Offices on the map), Hotel de Keyser, Hotel de Klok, Restaurant Dante (lunch) and

Restaurant Humphrey's (Sunday dinner).

* the total amount for lunches and dinners is Dfl. 175,= (about Euro 78). Please pay this amount on Sunday during the excursion to Sybrand Tjallingii.

* both Hotel de Keyser and Hotel de Klok are situated in the city centre, a 20 minutes walk from the train station. You can also take a bus. Take the bus terminal in front of the station, most busses will stop at 'Grote Markt'. Hotel de Klok is at Grote Markt, hotel de Keyser is just behind it.


Sunday November 18th

* Please be at the City Hall (Municipality Offices on the map) at 9.45 am for the excursion.

* We have dinner together at restaurant 'Humprey's' at 7 pm.


Monday November 19th

* We start at 9 am in the City Hall. After lunch, we move to the conference room in Hotel de Keyser. The detailed programme will be ready for you at the hotel.

* Monday dinner is free.



* We start at 9 am in the conference rooms in Hotel de Keyser. The detailed programme will be ready for you at the hotel.



Timetable Breda conference, 17-20 November 2001


As discussed during our Marseilles meeting, the next conference of the COST C11 action group will be held in Breda, The Netherlands. This announcementgives travel and hotel reservation information and provides an outline of the programme.

Members of COST C11 are asked to confirm your hotel reservation and participation before10 October 2001 to Ineke Buijsrogge:


The programme

Breda is city of about 125.000 inhabitants in the southern part of The Netherlands. The city is built on a site where small rivers from a landscape of lower sandy hills enter the flat claypolders of the coastal area. This situation has determined the greenstructure of the urban landscape. The city has a tradition of green structure planning that makes it an interesting case for the COST action. The programme is as follows:


Saturday, 17 November - arrival of participants


Sunday, 18 November - 9.30 -16.30 - excursion in the Breda area, demonstrating the greenstructure of the urban landscape, visits to projects, discussion about planning issues related to ecological and social aspects of green areas, urban expansion and urban renewal.


Monday, 19 November until about 11.00 a.m. - presentations about Breda. Then there will be a meeting of the COST Management Committee, followed by meetings of the working groups during the rest of the day.


Tuesday, 20 November a.m. - the second session of the group meetings. In the afternoon, Management Committee meeting until 15.00.



Reservations have been made at the hotels De Klok and De Keyzer, in the centre of Breda. Confirm your accommodation by e-mail or fax to Ineke (see below for details). Use the attached form.



Breda is situated between the airports of Amsterdam (Schiphol) and Brussels (Zaventem). From Schiphol airport you take a train, destination Brussels, and then change at Dordrecht (first station after Rotterdam) for Breda. From Zaventem airport you take a train to Brussels Central and then catch the train, destination Amsterdam, and change at Roosendaal (first station in The Netherlands) for Breda.



Mail to:Ineke - Breda organiser

Or fax to: +31-418-663955

Phone: ++ 31 418 663133





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