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EU-COST Action C 11 'Greenstructure and Urban Planning' - Meeting in Milan - 6/10 &endash; 8/10 2002


Milan case study to be added




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"Green structures and urban planning in Milan and Padanian area"

6th Management Committee Meeting and Working Group Meetings

6/10 - 8/10 2002 in Milan, Italy

Open to group members and invited guests only

Some practical informations concerning the trip and the organization of the action in Vigevano.

See map and info. below it


Practical information:

- if you fly to Malpensa, have a look down before landing &endash; you will see the Ticino river and the Park;

- when you travel by train in Italy in any case you have to stamp the ticket before getting into the train &endash; there are machine for stamping (obliteration), normally of orange colour, near the entrance to the tracks;

- for Unn: the first trains from Milano P.ta Genova to Vigevano are at 5.58, 6.50, 7.46, 8.41, 9.42;

- for those who has chosen the Nuovo Hotel in Vigevano, there is the bus "Circolare B" every 30 minutes from the station (at 20 and 50 of the hour), otherwise the taxi, or by foot (30 minutes walking &endash; see the path on the map);

- for those who has chosen the Hotel Europa in Vigevano, there is the bus (I can't remember the number and timetable &endash; I'm sorry), otherwise the taxi, or by foot (15 minutes walking &endash; see the path on the map);

- no fee is required from the group for Sunday bus tour but you pay for your own meals

- for tourist information you can see the following web site (also in english, german, french):


- You must be present at 17.30 on Saturday for the welcome of the Mayor of Vigevano at the Teatro Cagnoni; after the formalities (no more than 5-10 minutes), I'll give a presentation with slides of the field-trip of Saturday - useful to better understand the places that we are going to see the day after; after the presentation the refreshment;



Maurizio has booked the dinner and agreed a special fare in the "Pasticceria-Ristorante" Dante in Piazza Ducale at 20.30 but we all have to pay.


1) -Accommodation and trip

We decided to accommodate you in Vigevano, 25 km south-west of Milano, city in the Parco del Ticino (the case study that we are going to present), having the probably most beautiful square of Italian Renaissance.

I'll send you another mail with maps showing the place, anyway Vigevano is reachable by train from Malpensa airport trought Milano with the following trip:

--Malpensa express train from the airport to Milano Cadorna, every 30 minutes, at 15 and 45 min., 50 minutes trip, ticket price - 9 Euro;

--Milano Cadorna Station-Milano Porta Genova Station, underground, green line direction Famagosta, third stop, 5-10 minutes trip, ticket price - 1 Euro);

--Milano P.ta Genova -Vigevano, train to Vigevano (at 9,42 -10,42 - 11,42 - 12,42 - 13,42 - 14,42 - 15,37 - 16,35 - 17,10 - 17, 34 - 18,48 - 19,08 - 19,48 - 20, 09 - 20, 58 - 21, 48 - 22, 50), 25-30 minutes trip, ticket price - 2.27-3.41 Euro;

--From the Airport of Milano Linate you have to reach by bus the Underground Station at San Babila (red line) then up to Cadorna, and there change into the green line.

- I've still to check the possibility to reach directly Vigevano from Malpensa and Linate by taxi and the relative cost (I'll let you know).


For the way around (Vigevano-Malpensa, Vigevano-Linate) we will tray to organise direct buses (as soon as you know the timetable of your flight, please let us know).


Here is the list of the hotels (our Department had already booked for you 34 rooms, we pray you to make a choice of the hotels and to confirm your reservation directly to the hotels by fax, mentioning the COST C11 action; their offices will be open since the 25th of august):


Hotel Europa

Via Trivulzio, 8 &endash; Vigevano

27029 (PV)

Tel. +39.0381.9085

Fax. +39.0381.87054

e-mail :


(fares including breakfast)

single room - Euro 70,24 (only 16 rooms available)

double room used as a single - Euro 79,02

double room - Euro 103,17



Nuovo Hotel Togliatti, 21 , Vigevano

27029 (PV)

Tel. 0381 325026

Fax. 0381 311897


(fares including breakfast)

single room Euro 55 (only 14 rooms available)

suite used as a single room Euro 80 (only 4 rooms available)



2) Meetings places

As you will see part of the meetings (those of Tuesday 9 October) will be held in Vigevano where it will be possible - if it should be necessary - to have direct interviews with the local specialist and administrators. The seminary remains confirmed in Milano - Faculty of Civil Architecture.


3) Local hospitality

The welcome to the participants from the Municipality of Vigevano on Saturday 5 October , obviously, is out of the official program, you are just invited to the presentation of the program and to the following refreshment offered by the Municipality &endash; in the case you could not be present because of the timetable, please let us know.



If you have any question or if you need any other of information on Milano and Vigevano, don't hesitate to contact me.


 See Programme


Maurizio Meriggi




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