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Message Board - 2003


4 Sep

Latest version of participant list on Warsaw page (button to right)

Revised version of Theme 5 for WG1a plus Stephan's lates Agenda on WG1A page - button to right

3 Sept

See Sheffield Case Study - first draft of full version

1 Sept

Message for WG1B - Human Issues - Warsaw agenda and need for 'papers' to be sent to GL

29 August

You need to bring Polish cash to pay for the accommodation (bring about 1000 zl Polish money which covers the 3 nights - Thursday, Friday and Saturday -it works out at 205 Euros) you will also need cash for meals and travel around Warsaw (another 500 zl) The money for the hotel and travel by coach will be collected at breakfast on the Friday morning - YOU CANNOT PAY BY CREDIT CARD as the money has to go into the University accounts as they have paid up-front. Receipts will be issued to anyone needing one.

See Warsaw page - button to right for info on hotel location and the meeting

14 August

Warsaw - see latest information on participants and the Programme now available on this website
- if you have not yet registered that you are attending with both
Isabel in the COST office and Ewa in Warsaw - please do so NOW!!

We are still having problems contacting some people by email - please check Ewa has the right one - have a look at the members page.

Ewa will be posting maps of the location of the accommodation and meeting places on the website soon.


24 July

Additional information now available on Policy Case Studies

Helsinki data corrected

For anyone interested there is a small conference in Sheffield University about Greenroofs for healthy cities

22 July

Minutes of Milan meeting
Reorganised data on WG1A Comparative studies

21 July

Herning DK - Utrecht NL - Helsinki - latest version of ecology case studies online
See additions to
Policy Case studies
Check updates of Human issues
Arrangements for Warsaw meeting - 11 to 14 Sept

18 July

A web version of the Progress 2002 Report by Bernard is available

12 July

See latest progress report on case studies undertaken for: Energy Environment and Sustainable development Research Group on Greenspace 

30 June

Minutes for 13 June 2003 Comittee meeting in Brussels

5 June

Another part of the Sheffield information has been added

28 May

It has now been confirmed that the group will meet this year in Warsaw - 12-14 September. see email messages direct to participants.

I will now start adding information to the website again - let me know about anything new - are ther any recent books to add to the bibliography or links to interesting websites? Anne



Message Board- 2002

WEBSITE CONTENTS and links to relevant sites are listed in the INDEX - accessible by clicking the word INDEX at the top of each page. Would members and visitors to this website please suggest other links that might be incorporated

6 November

I have just started modifying and reorganising the website which has grown a lot since we started - it will take some time to complete the reorganisation. Please send me anything you want added. Please also let me know if you have any problems accessing or reading (I am reducing font size as I think you now all have up to date Browsers) the data on the webpages - I have been trying to be a bit more clever with the way the pages come up and it may be I've got the code wrong!!

I have added a new button for the Meeting Place Case Studies (see right-hand column) have so far added the Munich information from Bettina and Stephan to that available on Marseilles and the background data on Sheffield. The Sheffield Case study is still underway (Anne and Carolyn) and data is expected from Breda (Siebrant) and Milan (Maurizio) in the near future.

The Ecology Case Studies will remain accessible under the WG1A-ecology button and the data from WG1B and WG2 will be placed under the appropriate buttons. Studies are so far available on: Munich, Vienna, Oslo , Helsinki , Ceské Budejovice , Warsaw . Further studies are underway on : Overvecht (Peter) and Sheffield (Anne and Ian Rotherham)

Minutes of WG1B are now available as are some of that group's papers: Alexander's Sociotop maps
and Gianni's paper Thermal comfort . WG1B button to left


1 October

Another paper on urban people and their reactions to greenspace added to Urban Ecology Case Studies relates to Antwerp and other Belgian cities. I have tried an experiment in reducing Font size in the WG1A Section of this website (not yet on this page) - should make it look neater in your Browser and take up less space if you print ! - I have been using a large font size as many members were on old Browsers when we started. If any of you cannot read the text now please email me

30 September

Draft papers relating to WG1A group - Urban Ecology Case Studies for Warsaw, Budvar, Oslo, Munich, Vienna are now online. A Sheffield study will be added later in the year.

Is there anything else to put online this week?

22 August

Information about the Milan meeting 6-8 October i is now available - you must book the hotel directly

I will be uploading information from the Munich meeting and about Milan between 18 and 20 Sept - please send anything you would like to add to the website by the 17 Sept.

20 August

Zurich Greenspace study team - outline of work is on their website. They are part of an international EU 5th framework research group working on Greenspace whose interests overlap considerably with our work.

14 August

In the UK the Urban Parks Forum is increasingly important in urban greensaoe isssues. Publications include Public Park Assessment

The Urban Parks Form reprt on Parks and Greenspace and stimulating community involvement is now available

27 May

Carolyn Harrison has responded to Marleen's suggested Framework for the debate taking place within Working Group 2 by outlining the situation in England - in relation to this see also her notes on Spatial Planning in England

26 May

Notes on the spatial planning system in Denmark as it relates to greenstructure are now online -The Danish Spatial planning system

21 May

The Sheffield University - Landscape Dept. report for the DTLR (UK govt. - Department of Transport, Local Government. and the Regions) Improving Urban Parks, Play Areas and Greenspaces is now online for downloading (216 pages) . This is the result of a 9 month research project undertaken for the Urban Parks Task Force. It is hoped that a couple of copies will be available at the Munich meeting

14 May

Working Group Agendas for Munich added - see extra short papers - Click WG1a, 1B and 2 for latest Munich agendas and notes for meeting

See national planning systems by clicking WG2 - we are missing some still

Some additions to Bibliography - more please and more "notes" abour what is in the suggested publications

Communicating Urban growth and Green -the first reports of this project which has involved many of our group are now available on for downloading from Greenscom. Much in these reports is relevant to our work - see summary of reports so far available


13 May - Note from webmaster to group - I am now uploading new stuff this week - please send me anything you want added for the meeting - I have info from Unn,Gunilla and Bernard still to add. Anything for the bibliography?

Timetable for the Munich Conference - click the Munich icon on the right of this page. See also Munich Case Study - Duhme & Pauleit


12 May

Some news, new papers and links
Draft paper - Background to greenspace in Warsaw Ewa

The Report of the UK Urban parks task force - this is the report of the governmental investigation into the state of the parks and greenspaces in British towns. Sheffield University have been involved in this and their research paper will soon be online too.

UK background data - UK national strategy for urban biodiversity.

Further examples from Sheffield of the involvement of the public and local communities in enhancing the biodiversity and general usefulness of open green spaces to the public:
Sheffield Greenspace Atlas - mapping green in the city and identifying who is responsible for its regeneration -A.R. Beer
Sheffield Wildlife Trust -this Trust pre-dates the present national level interest in enhancing biodiversity in urban areas but now links its work to the The Trust now works closely with the City Council to identify the need to improve and change the management of greenspacesacross the city.
An example of the Sheffield public's long standing interest in urban natural history can be seen in the work of the
Sorby Natural History Society
An example of local people's involvement in maintaining and enhancing an old city park -
Graves Park
An example of local people's involvement in historic garden regeneration -
Sheffield Botanical gardens - see progrees since you visited the site on the Sheffield field trip


Archived messages

There is an Archive of old messages - click here

Signatories of COST C11


Archived messages - May 2002 - Sept 2001


22 Jan 2002

Message from the Chairman:

Some news:


1) The minutes of our meeting in Breda will be added to this site soon.We are waiting for

papers from Kestutis and Patrick Grahn.. I am

preparing ( whith the help of Ann Caroll), the progress report for 2001 and

would like to include them.

2) The next Management Committee meeting is now fixed: Munich June 6-9( from

Thursday evening to Sunday mid-day); more informations later on. Lucia, any

new about Rome in autumn?

3) A working group meeting is planned for WG 1A ( Stephan Pauleit) in

Sheffield, March 8-10. If the other WG need or plan a meeting, it is time

now to think precisely about it.

4) I must underline that we are entering our second full year of work, which

means that at the end of it we will be supposed to have finished the first

analytical phase ( states of arts and case studies). Therefore our next MC

meeting will be the moment to collect materials and to start writing them

in a form that could be published, at least as a "grey paper".




Message Board- 2001

13 November

More on Bibliography page and link to paper on Benefits of Urban Nature in WG1A page (click button on right)

11 November

Draft paper about biodiversity and planning in Finland available on WG1A page

9 November

I have added a bit more - particularly to WG 1B.

The Bibliography needs" building up" - can you please send me lists for your own countries - even a few to start with is better than nothing! Include websites as well as info. in Books, Journals and unpublished Papers.

4 November

I have begun to reorganise the website - so that it reflects our move to working on specific issues - see new buttons to the right for Management Committee (Man.comm), Working Groups - 1A, 1B and 2 - I will be moving the data around this week (so that it is I hope on the correct pages) - Send me any additions/ corrections by 10 Nov at latest please - Anne

1 November

Some information has been added about the planning systems in Italy and Spain as they relate to urban greenspaces. 

12 October

Bernard Duhem gave a paper about the work of our group to the COST Urban Civil Engineering conference. He would like everyone to have had a look at this before the Breda discussion, as it summarises our present position and lists the members. Click here for the Bled paper

11 October 

Some preliminary information about current Case Studies:

  • Recent Innovations in the Management of the Greenspace in Housing Areas - Sweden and Denmark - members of the group may be interested in this first draft paper put together by Anne Beer based on information supplied by Karen Attwell, Bjorn Malbert, Gunilla Lindholm and others who have been involved with our group. (Please note that the photographs (over 100), which are an integral part of this presentation, take up a lot of computer memory - so the website is best looked at using broadband).
  • The Overvecht Greenspace Project, Utrecht - Peter Schildwacht and Anne Beer have been working on this Greenstructure Plan for the renovation of a 1960s multi-storey housing area of 30,000 people - this is the English version of the study which is is available in draft format only and indicates the range of issues considered - this is an ongoing project.

9 October

Some information has been added about the planning systems in Germany and Poland as they relate to urban greenspaces. 


Please note that you can find information about the Urban Civil Engineering domain of COST and COST UCE Actions at the following address:

1 October

Announcement of the Breda conference, 17-20 November 2001 - click here for details

Notes from the WG 1A and 1B joint meeting in Marseilles, 21-22 May, 2001 - click here for details 


30 September

Information about Sheffield and Marseilles is available by clicking the buttons on the right - some members have written their reactions to the cities that we have visited. Does any body else want to add anything?

Reflections on the role of greenspaces in Sheffield and Marseilles

Information from the meeting on Marseilles and its greenspace problems - click the button to the right

Information from the meeting on Sheffield and its Greenspaces - click the button to the right

7 September

Material for C11- WG 1B, Breda - message from Klaus Wagner.

Comments on the Minutes of the Marseilles meeting:

A point that has not yet been mentioned in our discussions is the importance of green structures for the sustainability of different natural resources (clean water and air, plants, food), and within or in the surrounds of densely populated areas; also its importance as a heritage for the next generations.

Globalisation makes us careless about our supply of food, etc.: it will be produced somewhere in the world. But if you think about the increase in the world's population, this confidence may be misguided in the future, e.g. in 50 or 100 years. So another important aspect in the discussion of green structures in my view is the protection of natural resources, not only for ecological reasons, but also in connection with the implications for food supply.

I don't want to broaden the themes of C11 too much, but somewhere this aspect could be mentioned.  

See also Klaus Wagner's observations on the Marseilles and Sheffield visits


1 September

Draft progress Report by Chairman



Minutes of Sheffield meeting - draft 

Archived messages - Dec 2000 to Sept 2001


14 may 2001

The latest information about working group 2 from Unn Elfsen has now been added.

Click Research button and the Working Group in the menu - or just click this

7 May 2001

The latest information about working group 1 from Kristina Björnberg has now been added.

Click Research button and the Working Group in the menu - or just click this


7 May 2001 Message from Robbert Snep, Team Urban Rural Interactions, Department of Landscape Ecology, Alterra


This message got missed by me but theexistance of the network may still be of interest

"At the moment a network dealing with urban greenstructures, called

GREENNET-CITY, will be set up. You are co-ordinating or directly related

with EU-projects including similair topics. I suppose GREENNET-CITY will

therefore have your interest. It would be nice if you (or participants of

your project) join this network !

Please read the invitation below carefully, pay attention to the deadline of

februari 15th and let me know whether you would like to join GREENNET-CITY

or not. If you are willing to join, I'll send you further information,

including EU-forms, planning etc. (GREENNET-CITY is as concerted action ment

to set up a network).


Official invitation:


> As you may know, we are preparing a proposal for concerted action under

> the EU 5th Framework Research programme. In 2000 the eGroup for Urban

> Landscape Ecology (ULE) was set up to exchange information about urban

> ecology. Lots of urban ecologists joined ULE and at this moment ULE

> contains almost 180 members, including persons from many European

> countries.

> However, with the increasing awareness for city ecosystems, the need to

> exchange and apply knowledge of urban ecology and liveability of cities is

> increasing too. This was the reason to start the EU-concerted action

> 'GREENNET-CITY'. Greennet-city is set up to create a European platform for

> exchange of research results and application on city ecosystems and will

> act like a basis for a shared-cost-action in the future.







> Please read the attached document (EU pre-proposal) for information about

> objectives, budget, list of possible participants, background, relation

> with other EU-actions, description of the work to be done, milestones and

> expected results. Note that this invitation was sent to a selection of

> several universities, research institutes and municipalities in the whole

> of Europe. Participation will provide you the opportunity to present and

> discuss your own research with colleague-scientists.



> 1] Please respond as soon as possible. This concerted action will be part

> of the EU-researchprogramme 'Energy, Environment and Sustainable

> Development', key-action 'City of Tomorrow'. The call will be closed at

> the 15th of Februari 2001 !

> (This week, the pre-proposal was well received at the European

> Commission!).


> 2] Please send me an email anyway, joining the concerted action or not! A

> short reply to this email including an indication 'yes' or 'no' will spare

> me any trouble with trying to contact you by phone, fax or letter.

> Reply-emails should been sent within one week from now, due to the

> closing-date of the call. Absolute deadline: Januari 25th !!!

> (If you would like to participate further emails will provide the

> necessary information).


> 3] For participation in EU-concerted actions a well-documented list of

> important research-projects of participants, which we intend to 'concert',

> is of course indispensible. These projects could be other EU-research or

> projects of national level and topics can be both urban ecology and

> recreation/liveability research of urban green. So, please include a small

> description of your projects in your reply-mail if you are interested. As

> a full partner in the Concerted Action, within a few weeks you will than

> have to 'prove' your commitment in a strong paragraph showing that your

> own research will provide substantial input for the concerted action. You

> can also apply for the status of "member", in which case you may

> contribute on a less committed basis on the invitation of the project

> steering committee.


> Looking forward to your reply !!!


> Best wishes,


> Robbert Snep


> Team Urban Rural Interactions

> Department of Landscape Ecology


> Alterra, Green World Research

> P.O. Box 47

> 6700 AA Wageningen

> The Netherlands


> Email:

> Internet:


25 April 2001

The latest version of the Marseille programme is now on the Marseille pages - click the button on the right.

If any of you have any notes or papers you would like to have available on internet to the group prior to the meeting please email them to me now - and at the latest by 10 May as I will not be here after that date.

See you in what I hope will be a sunny place - last time I was there it was really wet!




11 March

Message from Anne

The preliminary details of the MARSEILLE meeting are now online - click the Marseilles button on the right. These pages about the next meeting will be updated as further information comes in

Click to see reminder of the remits of Working Groups 1A and 1B and the Task Force

I have begun to add other info. various members have sent me over the last 2 months - if I have missed stuff please remind me. For instance Lucia's bibliography and the glossary statements she and Klaus made for the last meeting as well as their insights into working groups have been added


I am away from Sheffield from now until 30 March - so any changes will have to wait until then


Some other things to look at:

Prof. Martincigh's research interests are on http:


9 March

Message from Bernard - re Marseilles

Our next meeting in Marseille,

Information from Bernard will be available by 11 March and a detailed

programme will be displayed on this site around March 15 together.

A Case

Study document about this seminar and the Sunday tour ( ready around May 1).


3 March - Message from Franck

Dear Colleagues Webmasters of COST UCE (+ COST G3) websites/webpages,


I have the pleasure to inform you of the new address of the COST UCE

website, managed by VTT in Finland:


This site is, of course, linked with the general COST website.


I think that it might be useful, if not already done, to establish an

hyperlink between your websites/webpages and the COST UCE website and, in

any case, to update the COST UCE website address in your "bookmarks" and/or



Franck Charmaison


16 Dec 2000

Message from Stephan

Info. for anyone interested in giving a paper at the IUFRO WORKING GROUP 6.14.00 'URBAN FORESTRY' meeting on Urban Greenspace in the 21st Century - Urban Greening as a Development Tool

You must register before 1 February 2001









in collaboration with


Urban Greenspace in the 21st Century -

Urban Greening as a Development Tool


28-31 May 2001

Saint Petersburg, Russia






In Europe, more than two thirds of the population live in urban areas, and partly because of that, the quality of the urban environment is increasingly recognised to be a key ingredient of the social and economic regeneration of Europe cities. Trees have an impact on the abiotic and social aspects of a city, provide recreational opportunities and increase wildlife. Therefore, sustainability of forest stands and urban trees are important for the rapidly growing number of urban habitants. In the future, urbanisation in Europe is expected to increase. Another aspect of city greenspace is a cultural role of historical parks and gardens. Preservation of the environment is a main issue for cities of Eastern Europe in a time of democratisation processes and economic reorganisation.


In the conference, the changing roles of urban green areas in Eastern European cities and elsewhere are in the focus. The complex challenges facing the planning, conservation and development of urban green areas, as well as innovative ways of meeting these challenges, are to be discussed.


Registration and abstracts:

You are kindly invited to register for the conference and send in abstracts related to one of the four themes as discussed above. Please register and send in your abstract before 1 February 2001. Abstracts should not be longer than 5000 symbols and must be publishable.


Participation fees:

Total registration cost, including a copy of the conference proceedings, refreshments, lunches, and symposium materials are estimated to be 150-200 Euro.


Excursion and cultural programme:

Visits to various imperial parks and palaces (e.g. the Hermitage) are part of the programme, at an additional cost of 90 Euro.


Organising committee of the conference:

• German Viharev, Head of Department of Parks and Gardens of St.-Petersburg government

• Andrey Selikhovkin, Prof., Dr. of Biology, Vice-rector of St.-Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy E-mail:

• Cecil Konijnendijk, Dr. Researcher at the Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute, and leader of IUFRO Working Group 6.14.00 'Urban Forestry'. E-mail:


Contact persons for registration:

Please complete the attached registration form and send it, with your abstract to:


Dr. Irina Melnichuk





Ms. Olga Shaitarova



Institutskiy per, 5 FTA

St.-Petersburg, 194021


Tel. +7-812-550-02-53

Fax: +7-812-550-08-15

10 Dec

Thank you all for your emails - we really enjoyed the Sheffield Visit too - I am pleased you all seemed to have got home without too much delay.

There are several additions to these pages - see

Research - working groups

Major issues

Glossary - Greenstructure


Messages archive

26 Nov

a) I have put a link to the website with train timetables on the Sheffield page.

b) Some more definitions as to Greenstructure have been added by Bjorn on the Glossary page

c) the lastest version of the Meeting Timetable is on the Sheffield page - please read and comment with any changes you would like made. The warning about warm clothes and waterproofs and strong shoes is serious!! the weather is the worst for 200 years - it knew you were all coming here!!!

d) I will try and find time to add the personal profiles early next week - if you have still to send your please email it.

e) if you have computer based stuff to show people bring it on disk rather than waste your effort carting a laptop around - we will find a computer for you to show it on )providing the program you have used is not too obscure - check with me.

f) the Hotel has a swimming pool you can use


18 November

Message from Anne Beer in Sheffield

I have now heard from 17 members that they will be in Sheffield from 2-5 December.

Click the SHEFFIELD BUTTON TO THE RIGHT to keep up to date with the members coming to Sheffield . I will add a Meeting Timetable and information about Venues very soon.

Last week I had to give a paper about the work of the European Network on Greenstructure and Urban Planning - those members of COST C11 who are unfamiliar with the work some of us have previously done should click here to get a very brief overview.

Many of the papersthe European Network produced are also available on internet

then click the button European Network




16 November

Message from Franck Charmaison in Brussels

Please send your personal Presentation by email to Anne Beer for inclusion on the website


23 October

Message from Anne Beer in Sheffield

Management Committee Meeting Sheffield

Franck has just sent me this message:

"A short Email to inform you that I received today the approval for next COST C11 meeting in Sheffield. Dates: 3 to 5 December 2000, 24 Delegates to the MC entitled to ask for reimbursement by COST."


  • So -please book your flights as soon as possible- I suggest you fly into Sheffield via Brussels (Sabena) or to Manchester (all other routes and then take the train to Sheffield direct from the Airport - I will post train times and addresses of our meeting places on this site later in November). Note: London arrivals are a waste of time and money as it costs about £130 return by rail from London St Pancras Station to Sheffield!. If possible arrive Saturday, as we will be busy all day Sunday. The meeting will finish mid-day Tuesday - so a late afternoon/evening flights for the return on the Tuesday would be OK.
  • Please also phone directly to the Forte POST HOUSE Hotel, Fulwood Road, Sheffield (00 44 870 400 9071 )to confirm your room directly yourself (they will need a credit card number to confirm the booking). They have agreed the price of about 60 Euros per night for Bed and Breakfast (at the present rate of exchange that is £35 per night) - you can eat there too but I suggest you just book the Bed and Breakfast deal. THEY ARE HOLDING THE ROOMS UNTIL 10 NOVEMBER - SO BOOK BEFORE THEN - when you book -please say you are part of the COST11 party booked by Anne Beer do not mention the word conference as they will try to charge us more!! our negotiated room rate is lower. It is a very "average quality" hotel but in the process of being "improved". It is usually clean amd warm and it does have a swimming pool - but I have chosen it because it does not cost too much, is very near the conference facilities I have booked and it is within walking distance of eating places.

  • In addition to the cost of paying for the Hotel, you will have to pay us a total of about 70 Euros for the organised meals (2 lunches and one dinner) . For the other meals, I'll arrange that you get a list of local eating places- you should be able to eat for about 34 Euros (about £20) per evening meal per person .
  • Can you email me to confirm you are coming and let me know arrival days and times so we can look after you when you get here. I need to know final numbers fairly soon for booking the bus-tour on Sunday and the organised meals. I need to know the names of the Spanish and Lithuanian members - does anyone know?


Note: I will be off line and not in Sheffield due to family problems from now until 30th October - after that I will post more detailed info. on this site. I look forward to seeing you all in Sheffield



8 October

I have added some more suggestions for definitions from other members of the group and some ideas about possible working groups as well as info about Case Studies and clusters of research interest - keep them coming. (click Glossary and Research to see)

I now have 6 personal Presentations - please remember to send as soon as possible - I will sart adding these with links from the members page next week

When sending comments and ideas - do not worry about the "english" - at this stage - I'll modify as necessary to make sense altho. I do not want to spend a lot of time polishing the english.


PRIOR NOTICE - I will not be online 15-22 October so get info to me by 14th or after 22nd - Anne

PLEASE FIND OUT ABOUT FLIGHTS TO MANCHESTER or SHEFFIELD (via Brussels - Sabena) to arrive Sat 2nd December or Sun 3rd Dec.. DO NOT BOOK until Franck confirms the meeting has been approved. 20 rooms are being held in an Hotel near the proposed Conference Centre which is the Conference Room at Ranmoor Hall University of Sheffield.

5 October

I have added a version of list of "topics" we discussed in Brussels - please look at this and add and amend. We will need to cluster the topics so that we can form Working Groups - please send me your individual ideas about possible working groups and clusters of research interest - so that we can all start reacting.

I now have 4 personal Presentations - please remember to send yours by Friday if possible.


When sending comments and ideas - do not worry about the "enlish" - at this stage I'll modify as necessary to make sense altho. I do not want to spend a lot of time polishing the english.

2 October

Please send your Personal details by email to Anne Beer by 6 October

The Glossary has been started - please add your definitions and list the terms you want included - Click Glossary button to the right

20 Sept

This is a first draft to get us going; there will be lots of amendments in due course.
email to me any data you want included and let me know what you want to see, and send me any amendments where I have got something wrong - at this stage it is easy to change things.

In particular, please check the Members List now and tell me what I should have said!

Also use the Message Board!
You can use the Message Board for short messages (up to 200 words), but if you have a long message/paper to share, please click here and
email it to me and I will index it and arrange to put it on a web page by itself.




Signatories of COST C11





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